Weight Loss Treatments

Here at The IV Nurses, we offer several weight loss treatments for you to choose from.

We will customize your weight loss treatment to suit your individual goals and past medical history. 

We are not one of those “one size fits all” companies, and we strongly agree that when it comes to weight loss, we are all different.

GLP-1 Injections

We prescribe the perfect protocol designed for you and your needs. Our providers will work with you and determine the best medication and protocol to reach your weight loss goals. We are 100% hands on from the very start. Once you purchase your weight-loss plan, a Nurse from The IV Nurses will give you a call and go over your past medical history, current medications and allergies. Once this is all completed, you will have a telehealth appointment with one of our providers. If the provider decides you are a good candidate, she will order labs through quest diagnostics. (if you have had labs done in the last 3 months we will accept those) If your labs are cleared by the provider a nurse will go to your home, or meet you at one of our community partners locations and take initial measurements, vitals and then teach you how to inject the medications. We will be in contact with you the entire journey, and a nurse will contact you weekly to check in with your progress. We will be here 100% of the time, unlike other programs who just prescribe the med, and you're on your own! Furthermore, we are also happy to announce that we will offer a free 30-minute nutrition consultation with a nutritionist.

Weight Management Protocols

We offer several non-injection and combination options to choose from. Some of our programs include Lipo-Burn pills and Lipo Lean sublingual spray.