How This All Works

How does this all works?

To perform at your best

  • First, you will look over our services and select one that best suits your needs.
  • Once you select your service, you will be asked to select your desired day and time for the treatment.
  • Once you are in our system, you will talk to your nurse about your past and current medical history, and current medications you may be taking.
  • If your nurse determines that you need to talk to the provider (nurse practitioner or doctor), then you will receive a second call. This conversation will be about your individual needs and results you are looking for. Please keep your phone on so you can answer the call from your provider. 
  • Once the nurse arrives at your home, you will choose a spot where you are most comfortable to sit/lay for the next 45 minutes (or however long your particular treatment will last. *Time may vary).
  • Your nurse will do a quick set of vitals and an assessment to get your baseline, then look for your optimal IV site.
  • Once your nurse gets your IV inserted and connected to your IV fluids, your nurse will begin giving you any medications that are IV push, then add any vitamins ordered into the fluid bag. 
  • While your IV infusion is in progress, you can do whatever you would like (because this is your experience); nap, work, join a zoom meeting, or talk with your nurse. 
  • Right before your infusion is complete, the nurse will take another set of vitals. 
  • Your IV will be removed and a bandage will be placed. Please keep on for 20 minutes to prevent bleeding.
  • You will receive post-infusion instructions and you are encouraged to ask any questions you have. 
  • Then you will go on with your life knowing you just received the best care around!

Experience Rejuvenating IV Therapy And Comprehensive Medical Services With Friends.

Benefits of IV Therapy:

  • Fast delivery
  • 100% absorption
  • Restore vitamin levels
  • Improved skin tone: being hydrated helps with skin elasticity, skin tone, and overall health.
  • Better cognitive function: dehydration can cause headaches, difficulty concentrating, mental alertness and “foggy” brain.
  • Improved circulation and blood pressure: being dehydrated can cause low blood pressure, feeling lethargic, and dizziness. Staying hydrated helps increase your blood volume and replenishes lost electrolytes.
  • Increased energy: being hydrated and having optimal levels of electrolytes and vitamins helps your body perform at its best and gives you the energy levels you deserve.
  • Enhanced removal of toxins: your kidneys work around the clock to remove toxins in your body. When you are dehydrated your kidneys become overtaxed and unable to do their job correctly.
  • Proper GI system function: when you are dehydrated, your colon and stuck waste becomes dehydrated as well, causing constipation. When your body is properly hydrated, this in turn prevents constipation, helping increase toxin release from your body.
  • Improved immune system: It’s difficult to get enough vitamin C in your diet to help your body fight off germs. With proper nutrients and hydration, your body is able to work effectively against germs.
  • Boost metabolism
  • Reduce stress
  • Athletic performance and recovery
  • Why not go to the emergency room to get hydration?

    Emergency rooms and urgent care centers are overwhelmed with patients at this day and age, leading to unacceptable wait times. On top of having to waste your entire day in the emergency room and not even be guaranteed IV Hydration due to "not being an emergency,” ERs require you to pay a copay and sometimes part of your deductible. This adds up fast! With The IV Nurses, you will not only get the IV hydration you need, but you will also be able to do it in the comfort of your own home, office, or hotel. This not only gets you your treatment faster without having to wait at the emergency room/urgent care and exposing yourself to even more germs, but this also gets you treated and back to normal long before the emergency room/urgent care could possibly even see you! When you are having acute nausea/vomiting/migraine/ flu symptoms ect., get treatment in the comfort of your own home instead of going through the hassle of the emergency room/urgent care! The majority of our drips are the same cost as a hospital copay, and you can also use your FSA reimbursement! We are more than happy to give you the proper documentation for your FSA reimbursement.